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Boxford PTO Committees

Chair:   Michelle Fallis & Bonnie Thornborough

Devoted volunteers work closely with our elementary schools to provide support through fundraising, programming, educational items and community events. 

Michelle Fallis, Co-President

Bonnie Thornborough, Co-President

Jessica MacDonald, Secretary

Diane Deeks, Treasurer

Lisa Koris, Assistant Treasurer

Julie Cave, Fundraising/Events Chair

Colleen Regan, Teacher Wishes Co-Chair

Meghan Randall, Teacher Wishes Co-Chair

Tara Donnel, Member-at-Large

Communications Chair: VACANT

Curriculum Enrichment Chair: VACANT

Always seeking team members at any level!


6th Grade Activities
Chair:   Elizabeth Palmer
Bells and Whistles Fundraising
Chair:   Helpdesk
Description:   This committee is responsible for tracking the sales of the Paperless PTO Bells and Whistles fundraising program.
Communications Committee
Chair:   Vacant

The Communication committee is responsible for drafting, creating and designing all content related to any PTO communications, manages and supervises the distribution of such communications, and coordinate with the Boxford Elementary Schools regarding approval and distribution of such communications.  This included social media, email campaigns and backpack mail.   

Curriculum Enrichment
Chair:   Bonnie Thornbourgh

The Curriculum Enrichment chair manages and supervises of the selection, scheduling and payment of fees for Curriculum Enrichment Programs at the Boxford Elementary Schools and coordinate with the Boxford Elementary Schools regarding such programs. 

Fundraising Committee
Chair:   Julie Cave

Our fundraising committee is vital to the life of the PTO.  The functions of this group var,y but center around hosting and organizing community events, building relationships and raising money to meet our financial goals.

Teacher Appreciation
Chair:   Elizabeth Palmer, Rebecca Seaha

Oversee a week of gratitude for all our Cole and Spofford Pond teachers and staff.

Teacher Wishes
Chair:   Colleen Regan

The Teachers Wishes Program Chair manages and supervises the selection and payment of fees for Teacher Wishes requests; as well as, coordinates with the Boxford Elementary Schools regarding such programs. 

Chair:   Bonnie Thornborough (Spofford Pond), Danielle O'Heir and Kimberly Alberta (Cole)

A wonderful network of parent photographers and a core design team work together to capture the special memories of every child in the Cole and Spofford Pond schools. A great chance to be in the classroom or at activities with you child and his/her classmates! No photography experience required. We need responsible parents for every classroom who advocate for every child's smile. Your time is extremely appreciated!