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Boxford PTO Committees

Cole's Got Talent
Chair:   Sam Stevens

Organize the Cole's Got Talent Show

Executive Board
Chair:   Michelle Fallis & Bonnie Thornborough

Devoted volunteers work closely with our elementary schools to provide support through fundraising, programming, educational items and community events. 

Michelle Fallis, Co-President

Bonnie Thornborough, Co-President

Jessica MacDonald, Secretary

Diane Deeks, Treasurer

Lisa Koris, Assistant Treasurer

Julie Cave, Fundraising/Events Chair (seeking co-chairs)

Colleen Regan, Teacher Wishes Co-Chair

Meghan Randall, Teacher Wishes Co-Chair

Veronica Carbone, Curriculum Enrichment Chair (seeking co-chair to oversee Spofford CE)

Tara Donnell, Member-at-Large

Hilary L. Burke, Communications Co-Chair

Caroline Sommer, Communications  Co-Chair

Curriculum Enrichment: Co-Chair VACANT (position shared with Veronica Carbone)

Always seeking team members at any level!


Spofford Pond Talent Shows
Chair:   Jill Robinson

Organize two talent shows for Spofford Pond students

Fundraising Committee
Chair:   Julie Cave (seeking co-chair!)

Our Fundraising Committee is vital to the life of the PTO, and we have various types of jobs. Help out with a few, or just one! Our major fundraising events are:
1.) Our Fall Membership Drive where families use our website to update their info, make a donation, and receive the Directory App.
2.) The Kindness Craze w/ raisecraze Sept 20-Oct 8, where families create a fundraising page for their child and encourage them doing Acts of Kindness.
*Kindness Coordinators needed!
3.) The Coin Challenge for the month of March, where students bring in loose change to make a positive change. 
4.) The Spring Auction, an adult night out at Peirce Farm on May 1, to bid on exciting items and generate support for our schools.

In addition to these fundraising events, we have shopping fundraisers such as School Toolbox, Mabel's Label's, Stop & Shop A+, and Harrow's Pies.

We would also love some team members to help build corporate and community relationships. Opportunities include event sponsors, website & app advertisers, and auction & raffle items. 

Events Committee
Chair:   Julie Cave (seeking co-chair!)

Essential to our goal of community engagement, we host a number of different events throughout the year. The Events Committee is organized into two team types:

The Core Events Team works to plan, organize and ensure completion of the common aspects among all our events throughout the year, and to help support the Specific Event Teams.

Specific Event Teams work on the creative and customized aspects of a certain event during just that time of the year.

Grab some friends and volunteer to help with the Core Team or a Specific Event (or two!)

In 2019-2020, our Community Events are: 
Sept 6 Ice Cream Social
Sept 27 Fall FunDown
Oct 25 Halloween Party
Oct 29 Sticks & Stones 2nd Grade
Nov 22-24 Used Sports Sale
Nov 23 Harlem Wizards vs Boxford Breakers (a 6th Grade Activities fundraiser)
Dec 10 Sticks & Stones 6th Grade
Feb 7 Ziti with Your Sweetie
Mar 20 Cole's Got Talent
Mar 27 Spofford Pond Talent Shows
May 1 Spring Auction
Jun 5 Color Run

Communication Committee
Chair:   Hilary L. Burke & Caroline Sommer

Essential to our image and delivery of information, this team uses various media to distribute all communication for the PTO.

But we've simplified this job! Going green means no more paper flyers, and we've created unique essential graphics for all our events, so no design experience needed now either! 

The Chair / Co-Chairs create/initiate all the messaging, and orchestrate the various team members with their media:

Social media
App alerts
White boards
Bulletin boards
News media & press releases

Curriculum Enrichment
Chair:   Vacant (former chair, Bonnie Thornborough, will help you learn!)

The Curriculum Enrichment committee helps to make lots of fun learning happen in the schools. Plus, members get to see those smiling faces at the exciting events! The committee co-chairs work with principals, teachers and staff liaison/s to coordinate, schedule and manage payment to our special guests. They also attend periodic North Shore Arts Council meetings to learn about possible educator-performers to fit curricular needs. 

CE Team Members organize and recruit volunteers to take photos and write program summaries for our blog. Volunteer to attend just one (or two!) for your child's grade, and share the experience!

Teacher Wishes
Chair:   Colleen Regan & Meghan Randall

The Teacher Wishes co-chairs work with principals and teachers to manage the applications, selection and payments for Teacher Wishes. Teachers rely on these special classroom items such as subscriptions, books, games, innovative devices and flexible furniture. 

Team members help document the use of these items, including photos and writing for blog.

Chair:   Bonnie Thornborough, Danielle O'Heir and Kimberly Alberta (Spofford Pond) + Caroline Sommer (Cole)

A wonderful network of parent photographers and a core design team work together to capture the special memories of every child in the Cole and Spofford Pond schools. A great chance to be in the classroom or at activities with your child and their classmates! No photography experience required. We need responsible parents for every classroom who advocate for every child's smile. Your time is extremely appreciated!

Teacher Appreciation
Chair:   Elizabeth Palmer, Rebecca Seaha

Co-chairs organize and help facilitate a week of gratitude for all our Cole and Spofford Pond teachers and staff: May 4-8, 2020. Team members help support with hanging cards, luncheon set-up and clean-up, plus gifts.

Chair:   Jen Wieckowski & Lisa Mroczek

Chairs work with schools to plant and upkeep flower pots and courtyard. Beautiful signage work, too! Team members help support with watering, weeding, maintenance. Possibly organize volunteer events for beautification, too. 

6th Grade Activities
Chair:   Elizabeth Palmer

This committee of 6th grade parents works to enrich the year of their 6th graders with the following events and fundraisers:

*New* Highlight Event Fundraiser:

  • 11/23 Harlem Wizards vs Boxford Breakers (a team of school staff!) basketball game @ Masco

Student Volunteer Opportunities at PTO Events:

  • 9/6 Ice Cream Social: help with field games
  • 9/27 Fall FunDown: help with Acts of Kindness centers
  • 10/25 Halloween Party: face-paint
  • 11/23 Harlem Wizards vs Boxford Breakers: work at event
  • 3/20 Cole's Got Talent: sell flowers and concessions
  • 3/27 Spofford Pond Talent Shows: sell flowers and concessions

Community Service Project:

  • Jan-Mar ~ more info to follow

Special Field Trips: 

  • 10/09-10 Project Adventure
  • May/June Cedardale Outing

Social Celebrations:

  • 2/14 Caribbean Party- a tropical party held in school
  • May Social- a casual dance-party after school
  • May Pizza Party + Masco Mixer- students meet at Spofford Pond for a pizza party, then bus to Masco for a tri-town social mixer sponsored by TriTown Council. Pickup at Masco. 


  • Class t-shirts & (possibly) towels

Moving On:

  • Parents assist with ceremony, create slideshow, and organize/present class gift
Bells and Whistles Fundraising
Chair:   Helpdesk
Description:   This committee is responsible for tracking the sales of the Paperless PTO Bells and Whistles fundraising program.