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Class parents have always played an integral role at Hillside School.
For the 2020-21 school year, the role of class parents will be somewhat different from previous years.
Due to the current safety regulations and the fully remote and hybrid models of education for Hillside students, there currently will be NO events that involve any Hillside parents coming into the school building. There will not be any in-person classroom celebrations or field trips. 
Hillside class parents are still needed to support our Hillside teachers in their new hybrid or virtual classrooms.
This is a wonderful way to get involved and to collaborate with your teacher and fellow class parents to be creative during this unique year!
Class parents will be supporting their class in whatever ways their teacher finds most helpful, and this may vary from class to class. 
Possibilities for how class parents may be asked to support their teacher include:
- Helping with the Art to Remember program and other PTO fundraising programs
- Helping to organize virtual classroom celebrations or virtual field trips
- Sending email communications to your class on behalf of the teacher or the Closter PTO
If you are interested or have more questions about the Hillside Class Parent role, please email the Hillside Head Class Parents, Lukshmi Puttanniah and Tamara Schwartz, at hillsideclassparent@gmail.com. 
Thank you for volunteering!
CLICK HERE for the Hillside Class Parent sample letter, presentation, and list of class parents for 2020-2021.
Hillside administration has provided the following guidelines (for hybrid and virtual class parents) regarding Hillside class celebrations:
1. No food should be sent or brought into school for any celebrations or any class parent-organized activities.
2. For hybrid classes, class parents may drop off crafts for classroom celebrations to be completed with the teacher during Cin-class time.
3. Celebrations for hybrid classes will occur during snack time or during a time that the teacher deems appropriate.
4. Teachers must be present for all Zoom meetings as a class.
5. There should be NO meetings held outside of school (for hybrid or virtual classes) under the auspices of class parents, the PTO, or Hillside Elementary School.

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