Welcome to The PTO Lunch Program

HES & TMS students and staff can now enjoy nutritious meals from our favorite local restaurants

  • Support Closter restaurants and the Closter PTO
  • Menu featuring a variety of meals including gluten-free and vegetarian options
  • Must be a Closter PTO Member to participate in the PTO Lunch Program 
  • Orders are by weekday, for the duration of each lunch cycle (so when you order an item from the Monday Lunch menu you are purchasing the meal for every Monday of this cycle)
  • At HES lunch will be served to 1st-4th grade students at the school gym and delivered to Pre-K and K students in their classrooms, by parent volunteers wearing gloves, and by the lunch para.
  • At TMS lunch will be served to students at the school gym, by parent volunteers wearing gloves. 

Cycle 4 Details 

Service starts: 4/17/23
Service ends: 6/14/23

Hillside Menu

Tenakill Menu

Lunch Cycle 4 runs 4/17/23 through 6/14/23 (9 weeks, days ranging from 8-9 per cycle)

Ordering opens: 3/20/23
Ordering closes: 3/31/23

  • You must make sure your students' grade and teacher appear correctly on your profile BEFORE placing your order.  The lunch team will not be responsible for serving lunch to students without sufficient information.
  • We are absolutely unable to accept any late orders, any changed, or order cancellations, after the ordering window for the cycle has closed. There will be no extensions and no late-ordering windows, and no refunds. Please make sure you finalize your orders by the ordering deadline.
  • We strongly encourage parents to allow students of all ages to participate in the the process of selecting their lunch items, this may help keep students committed to their choices


Full Hillside Menu

Monday Menu - Carmine & Ray's Italian + Eastern Kitchen + Mel's Butcher Box

Tuesday Menu - Yasou Mykonos + Bareburger + Patisserie Florentine + Mel's Butcher Box + Eastern Kitchen

Wednesday Menu - Carmine & Ray's Pizza + Wally's + Yasou Mykonos + Mel's Butcher Box

Thursday Menu - Eastern Kitchen + El Taco Bar + Superjuice Nation + Mel's Butcher Box + Carmine & Ray's Pizza

Friday Menu - Wally's + Ma Mi Eatery + Boun Gusto + Carmine & Ray's Pizza


Full Tenakill Menu

Monday Menu - Yasou Mykonos + Bareburger + Patisserie Florentine + Mel's Butcher Box + Carmine & Ray's Pizza + Wally's

Tuesday Menu - Wally's + Ma Mi Eatery + Boun Gusto +  Carmine & Ray's Pizza

Wednesday Menu - Eastern Kitchen + El Taco Bar + Mel's Butcher Box + Carmine & Ray's Pizza

Thursday Menu - Carmine & Ray's Pizza + Yasou Mykonos + Superjuice Nation + Mel's Butcher Box

Friday Menu - Carmine & Ray's Italian + Eastern Kitchen

Please note: days are priced according to numbers of those days in the cycle

We strongly suggest you visit your My Orders page and check the days of your lunch order.
Please make sure you send lunch for your students on the days you have not ordered lunch for.
If you need any assistance reviewing your orders please contact cloptocomms@gmail.com
  • TMS Only: We will have a limited number of extra meals available for cash sale on a first-come-first-served basis, as well as a concession table with snacks available for cash sale. We cannot guarantee availability of any particular extra item. So if you have not ordered lunch, please send your student a packed lunch from home.

If you have any questions about the program and/or volunteering, please email lunchpto@gmail.com

Libby Choron & Yeseniya Lee, Co-VPs Lunch



Refund Policy

NO refunds will be issued due to a personal illness of any kind; due to Covid-19 related quarantine; due to changes in schedule; due to scheduled field trips; unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather, national disasters, sudden restaurant closure, or any changes to school year calendar.

NO refunds will be issued due to errors made during the ordering process. Please choose meals carefully, please make sure you choose the correct items and amounts.

NO item substitution is possible after the ordering window has closed and/or any time during the cycle

*** No exceptions can be made, your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated ***


  • I acknowledge that there are “circumstances out of the PTO’s control” associated with the delivery and distribution of meals ordered on this website (for example, but not limited to allergic and/or religious concerns). I understand my student will be provided with the meal ordered or a substitute in adherence with their food restrictions and/or nurse's guidelines. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Closter PTO, its officers, directors, agents, members, coordinators, and volunteers, for any claims or damages arising out of, or related to the Closter PTO Lunch Program.

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