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This is for staff use to donate to Mr. Haddock's farewell gift


Many of our teachers have wish lists created for their classrooms. If you are looking for gift ideas or would like to support our teachers, please feel free to look through these wish lists!


Kindergarten - Trevino - Link
Kindergarten - Westerfield - Link

1st Grade - Mayor - Link
1st Grade - Copeland - Link

2nd Grade - Freeland - Link
2nd Grade - Miller - Link
2nd Grade - Sanchez - Link

3rd Grade - Brolley - Link
3rd Grade - McGann - Link
3rd Grade - Oppe - Link
3rd Grade - Zak - Link

4th Grade - Contreras - Link
4th Grade - Kontos - Link

5th Grade - Greene - Link

Art - Piekarczyk - Link

GE - Rupolli - Link
STARS - Wynn - Link
Social Work - Osman - Link