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A list of staff favorites have been compiled in the event you would like to get them a gift. Gifts are not required, but these lists have/will be provided to help guide those who choose to use them.


  Morning Drink Breakfast Treat Soft Drink Salty Treat Candy Gum Color Giftcard(s) of choice
Stacy Mathieu Black coffee Everything bagel plain cream cheese Water BBQ chips Reeses Peppermint Blue Bella Gia, Target, Amazon
Karen McCluckie Coffee with Cream/Sugar Breakfast sandwich / DONUTS Lemonade Cool Ranch Doritos Twix /Reeses Pieces Orbit Pink Nordstrom, Target, Ulta, Bella Gia, The Village Grind, Hobby Lobby
Sonia Sanchez vanilla iced coffee donuts coke or sprite Regular Lays or Lime flavor lays , peanuts crunch mint blue Target, Amazon, Dunkin
Stephanie Westerfield Starbucks Strawberry Refresher Breakfast sandwich Lemonade Pita Chips or sweet and salty chex mix Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates Orbit Pink Target, Amazon, Kohl's
Rebecca Tannahill Tea iced no sugar Donut Dr. Pepper Pretzels Sour Patch Kids 5 spearmint Teal Ulta, Amazon, Marianos



  Morning Drink Breakfast Treat Soft Drink Salty Treat Candy Gum Color Giftcard(s) of choice
Heather Mayor coffee (Starbucks or Dunkin) nonfat mocha no whip breakfast sandwich egg/sausage diet coke chicago mix popcorn or movie theater butter popcorn milk chocolate (snickers, m&ms) none- too many teeth issues purple, yellow, blue, really tie dye :) Amazon, Home Goods/TJ Maxx, Michaels
Tiffany Miller Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit Refresher w/Lemonade Plain bagel with veggie cream cheese Diet Dr. Pepper Wasabi Ranch Snapea Crisps/Doritos Reese's, Twix, Snickers Bubble Gum or Grape Blue Amazon, Target
Lariza Miravete                
Saul Olivas Coffee with sugar no cream Donuts :) Coca Cola Pringles Chocolate 5 Gum (Spearmint Rain) Blue, Green (Neon Colors) Amazon
Luz Trevino RED eye( Espresso shot with regular coffee and cream) Overnight yogurt with fresh fruit Coke Regular Lay Chips Cadbury Milk Chocolate Fuit and nuts Orbit spearmint TIffany Blue  



  Morning Drink Breakfast Treat Soft Drink Salty Treat Candy Gum Color Giftcard(s) of choice
Diana Calvillo Chai tea fruit, asiago cheese bagels ice tea/lemonade sea salt & vinegar chips sour gummy worns mint yellow Target, Starbucks, Amazon
Raquel Elleson mocha latte, vanilla iced coffee :) fruit, donuts Dr. Pepper Gardettos Snickers, Reeses All Red Target, Amazon, Marshalls
Kim Katzen hot chai latte muffins, donuts Dr. Pepper Pretzels Nestle Crunch, Twizzlers Doublemint Purple! Target
Jen O'Reilly Love my nonfat peppermint mocha from Starbies :) donuts coke or cherry pepsi Cheetos, nacho Doritos twix bar, reeses, snickers ALL red or yellow Amazon, Starbucks, Target



  Morning Drink Breakfast Treat Soft Drink Salty Treat Candy Gum Color Giftcard(s) of choice
Heidi Copeland black coffee, hot tea or Water donuts! (anything without chocolate) muffins, bagals none-lemonade or non sweet tea or water pretzels or popcorn or Dot's pretzels, sun chips, cheetos anything without chocolate (Recees extra peanut butter or white chocolate, twizzlers) yummy! not particular about kind, mints purple Dunkin, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Target
Lindsay Fairall Vanilla Cream Cold Brew everything bagel with cream cheese Hint or VitaWater Zero Dot's pretzels, honey mustard preztel nibs, sour candy, twizzler pull and peels no gum; only mints Pink/Mauve Target, Starbucks, Bella Gia, Ulta
Kimberly McGann VitaWater Zero Lemonade donuts, muffins,bagels Coke, Energy Drinks (Monster, Bangs) Ruffles, Sun Chips, Pretzels Swedish fish, Twix, Milky Way, Kit Kat No gum--hard candy mints Teal but love glittery, rainbow Amazon, Aldi, Hobby Lobby, Target, Meijers
Heather Warner Vanilla Chai Tea (Iced or hot) glazed chocolate donut blueberry muffin Iced Tea/flavored water pretzels/popcorn Twizzlers, Milky Way Any Blue Target, Hobby Lobby, Ulta, Amazon
Juanita Wessels Coffee w/ cream and sugar Blueberry donut, bagel w/ cream cheese cherry pepsi pretzels, tortilla chips, sun chips salted caramel chocolate anything minty red or purple  


  Morning Drink Breakfast Treat Soft Drink Salty Treat Candy Gum Color Giftcard(s) of choice
Margarita Contreras Iced coffee, just cream yogurt, cookies Fruit punch hot cheetos Hersheys cookies n cream, any chocolate with almonds   Pink Target, TJMaxx/Marshalls, Coffee
Roberto Flores Iced Chai Latte w/ vanilla Egg McMuffin w/ hash brown Coke from McDonald's Cool Ranch Doritos Almond Joy Any mint flavor    
Anna-Marie Kontos Coffe or unsweetened ice tea oatmeal or bagels unsweetened ice tea Pretzels or crackers anything chocolate None blue Target, Meijer, Dunkin Donuts, Amazon
Laura Renfus Diet Coke bagels Diet Coke popcorn Midnight Milky Way any black with any color Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Portillos
Tristin Holman Coffee/sugar-free flavored creamer bagels Diet Coke Popcorn Snickers EXTRA Yellow AMazon, Vai's, Starbucks, Fontinas



  Morning Drink Breakfast Treat Soft Drink Salty Treat Candy Gum Color Giftcard(s) of choice
Luisana González chai tea latte fruit, bagels no soda, but I do like Ice Tea (usually unsweetened) popcorn Lindt chocolate truffles, Twix, Kit-Kats all orange, coral, purple Amazon, Target, TJ Maxx/Marshalls
Nikki Harter Latte with coconut milk, coffee Frappuccino with coconut milk Fruit Coke, cherry coke, la croix/bubly sweet potato chips, kettle potato chips Skittles, twizzlers, sour patch kids, no chocolate/dairy allergy All Purple and blue sakamoto, target, amazon, Ann Taylor Loft, starbucks
Caroline Sullivan skinny caramel macchiato iced fruit Diet coke or Diet Mountain Dew sweet and salty chex mix dark chocolate, chocolate with hazelnuts all pink Bella Gia, amazon, starbucks
Andrea Szwaya Medicine Ball Fruit lemonade Salt and Vinegar chips Kit Kat or Twizzlers All Yellow Amazon, Target
Kathy Ziller Hot Tea fruit Diet Mt. Dew Potato Chips Twix crunchy Red  




  Morning Drink Breakfast Treat Soft Drink Salty Treat Candy Gum Color Giftcard(s) of choice
Mindy Albrecht Mocha Coffee granny smith apple Coke Zero Tostitos Sweettarts mint green/purple Amazon, target, Dunkin' Doughnuts
Sam Creek Coffee w/ French vanilla apple Dr. Pepper Cheddar/sour Cream Ruffles Skittles any Black/Blue Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Amazon, Target, Portillos, Dicks Sporting Goods
Michelle Jones Coffee with Cream/Sugar donuts Coke BBQ chips Snickers Mint Purple Target, Amazon, Dunkin Donuts, Michaels, Hobby Lobby
Joe Lagger Coffee w crm/sugar apple diet dr pepper gardettos snickers any red/blue Dicks Sporting Goods, Amazon, Portillos, Target
Bridget Piekarczyk Black Coffee fruit diet coke popcorn, pretzels twizzlers any Rainbow Starbucks, Target, Mchael's, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Portillos
Rebecca Tannahill                
Chris Whiteford black coffee everything bagel none plain Cheez-Its Twix none dark green In lieu of gift cards, I'd prefer it if you made a donation in my name to Lurie's. Info found here: shorturl.at/tuDJ5
Katrina Witwicki coffee with cream only (hot or iced) blueberry or banana muffins, chocolate chip cookies :) Steaz iced green teas - any flavor BBQ kettle chips, popcorn Dark Chocolate peppermint or spearmint purple Starbucks, Panera, Grace, Target



  Morning Drink Breakfast Treat Soft Drink Salty Treat Candy Gum Color Giftcard(s) of choice
Maritza Clever Coffee with sugar, caramel coffee fruit or donut lemonade chesse crackers almond bar cinnamon red  
Meredith DeLarber Coffee with French vanilla creamer Donut or muffin Ginger Beer Takis Dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel Eclipse Blue  
Kate Dempsey water , hot chocolate asiago bagel water popcorn snickers extra peppermint Teal Green Amazon or Starbucks
Wilma DeWit   muffin or donut water popcorn or sun chips almond joy or snickers extra waremelon pink  
Lily Driscoll iced caramel machiato scones ginger ale pretzels Twix /chocolate raisins spearmint reds/ blues Amazon, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks
Joy Gatz Iced coffee with cream, sugar and caramel swirl Chocolate chip muffin Coke Popcorn PB cups! Peppermint Purple Bath & Bodyworks (I go thru a mini hand sanitizer every 2-3 days!), Dunkin
Melba Goodwin                
Julie Heinz Coffe w/1/2 and 1/2 Egg Mcmuffin Diet Dr. Pepper sea salt kettle chips Baby ruth Big Red purple Amazon
Sarah Jump Hazelnut ice coffee w/cream & sugar( DD ) steak/egg/cheese/bagel or bagel w/cream cheese(both plain) Coke or Mango Pepsi mixed nuts Reeces Peanut Butter Cups minty Blue or anything rainbow or sparkly  
Amy Kirk Dr Pepper Donut Dr Pepper Popcorn Caramello Spearmint Purple Amazon and Target
Paige Leigh Black coffee or green tea Sweet pastry Coke Crunchy cheetos Reeses PB Cups Mint Purple Target or McDonalds
Lynn Lumbert Iced coffee Muffins Diet Dr Pepper Popcorn White chocolate Reese's Extra Blue Target or Starbucks
Jeanne Matthews Hot or iced chai tea latte fruit water popcorn Almond Joy Wintertgreen Purple Amazon, Meijer
Emma Murphy Iced Caramel Coffee w/ cream and sugar DD Cinnamon Roll Vanilla Coke Zero Popcorn Sour Patch Kids Wintergreen Mint/Teal Target, Amazon, Dunkin Donuts
Nancy Pasakarnis Iced or Hot coffee w caramel and cream DD apple or cinnamon donut or muffin Diet Pepsi Popcorn Almond joy or milk chocolate Eclipse Pink  
Deanna Selvig Orange Juice or Hot Chocolate Cinnamon Roll Water Chips & Salsa Snickers Peppermint Mentos Green  
Dede Tracy flavored decaf. coffee/cream sugar donut-choc. or maple glazed Hint' water( lemon, pineapple,or any berry flavor popcorn, doritos,salt free or low salt chips dark chocolate, heath bar, dark chocolate Milky Way peppermint or wintergreen black/hot pink Star bucks, village Grind, target, kohls, Amazon
Kim Woodson coffee iced or hot with cream and sugar DD apple fritter or cinnamon roll cherry coke popcorn m & m's or hershy bar with almonds wintergreen yellow/pink  
Stephanie Zikmund Iced coffee (cream only) or vanilla sweet cream cold brew Blueberry muffin or French cruller Diet Coke Takis Reeses PB Cups Extra (peppermint or wintermint) merlot/cranberry  




  Morning Drink Breakfast Treat Soft Drink Salty Treat Candy Gum Color Giftcard(s) of choice
Donna Cruger Coffee with extra cream Donut or bagel Unsweet ice tea Popcorn or kettle chips dark chocolate wintergreen- sugar free Purple  
Melissa DiVito Coffee with cream and caramel (hot or iced) Donut, Donut, Donut :) Sweet tea Anthing spicy/hot Heath bar, twix any Pink Amazon, Dunkin Donuts
Susie Feiner Hazelnut coffee, hot or iced with cream Donut or Muffin Coke Cool Ranch Doritos or Dot's Pretzels Buncha Crunch or KitKats Trident Original Flavor Purple Target, Dunkin' Donuts, Portillo's
Sandy Foreman caramel iced coffee bagel pepsi cheetos york peppermint patty trident blue (orginal flavor) SPARKLE! Amazon, Target, dollar tree, Coffee (atrevette, dunkin, village grind), lunch places
Gina Gordey Coffee with flavored cream or Diet Coke Bagel Diet Coke Pretzels or BBQ chips Sour Patch or Swedish Fish Mint Green  
Sue Green water anything gluten free diet snapple Popcorn dark chocolate none blue  
Sheila Lostumbo Black coffee Anything  Unsweetened Tea Sunchips Chocolate  None Green Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Starbucks
Maria Martinez starbucks vanilla bean frappuccino Stabucks Double-Smoked
Bacon, Cheddar &
Egg Sandwich
water Veggie chips &
hershey chocolate Orbit Yellow  
Lisa Meadors                
Jessica Medina Ice coffee Bagel, donut, muffins Sweet tea Pretzels, gold fish Chocolate Extra Peppermint Green Amazon, Starbucks, Potbelly, Andy's Custard
Donna Neff Iced Coffee with Cream Anything Diet Pepsi Almonds M&Ms Any Green  
Meghan Osman Caramel Iced coffee Donut Diet Pepsi Cool Ranch Doritos or Garden Salsa Sunchips Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Peppermint/Spearmint Purple Target, Dunkin Donuts, Amazon
Monica Paquette Americano with cream any breakfast pastry/treat Water Peanut butter pretzels, goldfish, chips Dark Chocolate peppermint or Orbit bubblemint Blue Target, Home Goods, Amazon, Starbucks, Pot Belly
Mahia Patel juice or a smoothie (anything that has fruit) muffin or bagel iced tea/iced fruit drink Goldfish, Sun Chips, Kettle Chips Reese's, Kit Kat any aqua blue, seafoam green, light purple Target, Amazon, Home Goods, Old Navy, Hobby Lobby
Jeanine Schillinger Coffee with Cream Anything Diet Coke Potato Chips Heath Bar Any Red Target, Amazon, Dunkin
Stephanie Tarmann coffee with cream donut water cheez-its chocolate mint green Target, Bella Gia, Enzo, Dunkin, Amazon
Karla Willett Caramel Iced Coffee with oat milk bagels, hash browns, & donuts water hot cheetos & skinny pop ferrero rocher & snickers Not Cinnamon Pink Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Grace
Maureen Wilson Chai Tea Latte Bagel with cream cheese Coke BBQ chips Gummy Bears none Pink Amazon, Target, Starbucks
Jessica Wynn Green Tea Bagel or donut Root beer Salt & Vinegar Kettle Chips chocolate any Purple  
Tracy Zalud Unsweetened Iced Tea Bagel or donut Diet 7-Up Doritos M&Ms peppermint Red Amazon, Target, Starbucks
Sheryl Rzeppa Black Coffee/ Vanilla Iced Coffee Breakfast Sandwich, Bagel, Donut Iced Tea Popcorn, Sunchips Chocolate with caramel, Peanut M&M's none Red Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Chipotle




  Morning Drink Breakfast Treat.. Soft Drink Salty Treat Candy Gum Color Giftcard(s) of choice
Sarah Commike Hot Coffee donuts Cherry Coke Salt and Vinegar Chips MMs Watermelon extra Blue Starbucks
Bethany Mares Flavored Ice coffee, cream and sugar Starbucks Chorizo Sandwich None peanut butter pretzels dark chocolate cinnamon Teal  
Pete Meismer Iced Coffee donuts anything not diet jalapeno/salt and vinegar/bbq chips chocolate none School Colors Ace/Amazon
Bonnie Spevere Iced coffee w/ cream and sugar Bagel w/ cream cheese Water Popcorn Reeses anything minty Black or yellow  
Randi Spinelli Unsweetened iced tea Everything bagel w/ plain cream cheese....or donuts! Lemonade Popcorn Anything chocolate Spearmint    green Amazon, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble
Elisabeth Stoffers Unsweetend ice tea Starbucks Bacon, Egg, Gouda Sandwich Diet Mt. Dew chips Sour straws, snickers, kit kats, gummy worms, etc......I like candy. anything minty Black??? Amazon & Target
Deanna Taylor Water Blueberry Bagel (plain, not toasted) or Banana Bread with nuts Water Doritos Dove dark chocolate Hubba Bubba (watermelon) Blue Nordstrom, Target, Bella Gia, Amazon




  Morning Drink Breakfast Treat Soft Drink Salty Treat Candy Gum Color Giftcard(s) of choice
Juan Mares Black Coffee Donut Coke Doritos Snikers/dark dove chocolate. Anything chocolate   Blue  
Gina Tangorra Coffee/ cream /Splenda ice or hot Breakfast sandwich bagel with cream cheese Diet coke Popcorn Reese's/almond joy/ki kat Spairment Purple Target, Dunkin', Amazon
Rick Tea DD Chai Latte Bavarian donut Coke Honey roasted peanuts Almond Snickers, Kit Kat,Payday Extra (spearmint) Blue Target, Amazon, Dunkin'
Jason Walls Water Frosted mini wheats Green tea None     Blue Chili's, Dunkin'