Hamilton School Outdoor Classroom Project 

During the general meeting, we will be voting on approving the initial expense of $4,065 to start our outdoor classroom/learning playground project. This is a large-scale program that will require the use of a significant portion of our fundraising reserves and further expense approval will take place in the future . This project was initially pinpointed as the key investment area for the HSA Fundraisers that were held in the financial year 2018/2019. The funds we intend to use for this initial expense were raised at the Fall 2019 Progressive Dinner and were earmarked for an outdoor classroom project.  After exploring a host of vendors and project options in 2019, Mrs. Pierides and the HSA have identified a vendor, Learning Landscapes that specializes in non-traditional outdoor classroom and playgrounds projects for schools. Learning Landscapes is the partner we need to help develop a roadmap for our project. View the letter from Learning Landscapes here  to read more information on what the company does and how they propose to help us in our venture.