Welcome! We invite all our new and returning families to become Issaquah High Booster Club Members

The Issaquah High Booster Club is a membership organization made of parents, community members, and ISD staff working together to support and enrich extra-curricular clubs, activities, and sports for students.  Members are the heart of our organization.  

The Booster Club is the only 501c3 non-profit fundraising organization that supports extra-curricular activities at Issaquah High School.  Membership donations are 100% tax-deductible.

The Booster Club encourages families to also join the IH PTSA.

While the Booster Club partners with ASB to support students' extra-curricular passions outside the classroom, the IH PTSA focuses on supporting student health and academic experiences to allow them to reach their potential inside the classroom.  The two non-profits complement each other, meeting separate needs, enriching Issaquah High student experiences at every turn. CLICK HERE to Join the IH PTSA.      

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             Welcome to the Issaquah High School Booster Club           

Accepting 2020-2021 Memberships NOW

The Booster Club is a 501c3 non-profit, fundraising organization that exists to support and enrich the extra-curricular high school experience for our kids while they attend Issaquah High School.    Parents, alumni, and the community are encouraged to join the Booster Club, donate, and volunteer.  All membership and pass the hat donations are 100% tax-deductible.  

I.H.S. Booster Club Purpose
  • To promote and support ALL TEAMS, ALL CLUBS, ALL ACTIVITIES outside the classroom at IHS.
  • To promote a positive image of all Issaquah High School sports, clubs and activities 
  • To promote and celebrate students' extra-curricular achievements through enews, signage, and social media. 
  • To reduce barriers and provide financial support to sports, clubs and activities at IHS.
  • All extra-curricular fundraising groups (including • Football Boosters) fall under the IHS Booster Club. 
  • To build Membership in order to support Booster Grants, Scholarships, and much more!
  • To provides a safe support structure for dedicated fundraising.
                                 BOOSTER CLUB NEWS                                                       
Your 2020-2021 Issaquah High School Booster Board
OFFICERS    Voting in by Members
President   Jen Kodosky 
Executive VP   Casey Stenzel
VP Membership   Diana Goldberg
Co-VP Membership   Millie Crithfield
Co-VP Membership   Satnam Purewal
Treasurer   Stacey Sunderland 
Assistant Treasurer   OPEN
Secretary   Lindsay Krienke
Advisory Board    Appointed
Communications Chair   Jaime Crothers
Assistant LogoWear   Allison May
Another Eagle Goes to State   Keri Kiefer
Student Recognition   Jen Rapkin, Peggy Chase, Marcie Lewis
Concessions   OPEN
Interest in open positions, please contact Lida Buckner, ihsboosterclub@gmail.com. CLICK HERE for JOB DESCRIPTIONS
Questions about the Booster Club?  See our FAQs in the side menu, under About Us



Senior Scholarship Winners!   

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Tutta Bella Scholar-Athletes for 2019-2020   
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