District 28 Music Programs

Orchestra is open to 3rd Grade students and up. Before the end of April, families will receive an email with details about upcoming recruiting activities and how to join the orchestra. In early May, 2nd grade students will watch a brief concert and instrument demonstration by current 3rd grade orchestra students and the orchestra directors during their lunch break.

Band in District 28 begins in fourth grade. Students have a range of choices in the brass, woodwind and percussion families of instruments.

Choral Music
The Northbrook District 28 Children's Choir is open to any District 28 student in 1st to 5th Grade.

Music Parents Club
The Music Parents Club is composed of music directors, district administrators, and parents of music students. Our mission is to promote and maintain an enthusiastic interest in, and provide financial enhancement to, the music curriculum established and managed by the administrators and music faculty of District 28. For more information about Music Parents Club, click here.


For more information about District 28 Music Education, click here.

PTO End-of-year Survey
(SY 2023-2024):

Thank you for supporting the PTO this school year. We want to continue supporting the Meadowbrook school community the best way we possibly can, if you have a few minutes we'd like to get your feedback.

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There is an opportunity to become a part of the Meadowbrook PTO Executive Board. Embark on an exciting journey of learning, growth, and preparation to ascend to the role of PTO President. You can submit your name here or reach out to Kristine Lewis or Kate Sweas if you'd like to know more about the role.

Meadowbrook Staff Favorites

Our children spend about 1,000 hours a year in the classroom with them but what does your child's teacher really like? We've taken the guess work out for you and put together a list of our Meadowbrook Staff Favorites

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