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5th Grade Yearbook and Slideshow

Hello Class of 2024!

Help us create these amazing keepsakes for our students, that includes all their cherished PHOTOS! We need your Meadowbrook Memories!

Photo Submission Deadline: November 18, 2023:
To ensure that we have ample time to design and organize the yearbook, we kindly request all students, parents, and staff to submit their photos by November 18, 2023. This deadline will allow us to curate the best and most memorable moments from Kindergarten, all the way through 5th Grade!

  1. Email your Child's Current and Baby photos to
    • One (1) Baby Photo - preferably between the ages of 6 months to 1 year
    • One (1) Current Photo - preferably NOT the school photo
    File names MUST include your child's full Name and Description.
  2. Upload photos from various Meadowbrook Events to our Google Drive. (Check your email inbox for the link to Google Drive)
    • Back to School Socials (K-5th grade)
    • Band (4th & 5th grades)
    • Orchestra (3rd-5th grades)
    • Birthday Parties (K-5th grades)
    • Classroom Photos (K-5th grades)
    • Field Trips (K-5th grades)
    • First Day of School (K-5th grades)
    • Girl Scouts / Boy Scouts (K-5th grades)
    • Halloween Party & Parades (K-5th grades)
    • Holiday Parties (K-5th grades)
    • Science Fair (K-5th grades)
    • Sports (K-5th grades / extracurricular)
    • Spring Sing (Kindergarten year only)
    • Valentine's Party (K-5th grades)
    • Winter Sings (K-4th grades)
    • E-Learning (during pandemic)
  3. Complete the "All About Me" Survey:
    Click here to complete the survey

If you encounter any issues or have questions about the submission process, don't hesitate to reach out to our yearbook committee at We are here to assist you every step of the way.

For more information see the Yearbook Request Flyer or Backpack Flyer

PTO End-of-year Survey
(SY 2023-2024):

Thank you for supporting the PTO this school year. We want to continue supporting the Meadowbrook school community the best way we possibly can, if you have a few minutes we'd like to get your feedback.

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