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since 04/11/2018

Monmouth Beach PTO Executive Board

  Caroline Quattrochi, PTO Board President

  Alison Zimmerman, PTO Board Member - VP Membership

  Melanie Andrews, Board of Education Member PTO Board Member

  Leo Decker, Board of Education - Vice President

  Karen Dolan, Board of Education Member

  Christopher Dudick, Board of Education Member

  Barbara Kay, Board of Education Member

  Joan Konopka, Board of Education Office

  Ken Marowitz, Board of Education Member

  Kirk Ruoff, Board of Education - President

  Kelly Scaturro, Board of Education Member

  Vincent Sasso, Board of Education Member

  Lindsay Cooke, PTO Board Member - VP Class Parents

  Jill Trimble, PTO Board Member - VP Class Parents

  Michelle Bolling, PTO Board Member - Treasurer

  Caroline Habeck, PTO Board Member - VP Events

  Amy Haverty, PTO Board Member - Recording Secretary

  Jennifer Lalis, PTO Board Member - Co VP Programs

  Dana Noon, PTO Board Member - VP Fundraising

  Koren Spadavecchia, PTO Board Member - VP

  Sandy Van Sant, PTO Board Member - Green Committee

  Betsy Palazzo-Dudick, PTO Board Member - VP

  Meghan Aferiat, PTO Board Member - VP Communications
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