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Yearbook Pre-ordering is Closed.

Tell your student to listen for announcement in June for opportunity to buy from the limited number of extras available (8th graders are given first chance to buy, then 7th graders)


Unlike the other schools in our district, we are not involved with the yearbook. At MEMS, the yearbook is a club run by students and a faculty advisor.

They do not have boosters in the yearbook, nor do they collect baby pictures. Also, the only way to preorder is through the website for the yearbook company

Click the link below to order, yearbooks can ONLY be ordered online (no checks).

Yearbooks can be ordered online until March 8, 2020.

If you miss the preorder period, you may be able to buy a yearbook when they are distributed in June (there are no guarantees on yearbooks that aren't preordered). Eighth graders get first chance to buy followed by 7th grade on that day in June.

The main office is able to answer any questions pertaining to yearbook at any given time.


https://yearbookforever.com/schools/manalapanenglishtown_middle_school_buy_yearbook_333563/9cp8siB2Dt4nedIwn11PdOaS?fbclid=IwAR2sCQXmlYOe8HSNz35rjbdHLThVOazGR6wvAGywVtXjPDenqBSg1MkLa _D_yY


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