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Music Parents Club Wreath & Coffee Sale

• Sep 11 - Oct 5

• Students turn in orders Oct 6

• Pick up orders Nov 14 - 16, Village Green

The Music Parents Club Wreath & Coffee Sale Begins on September 11th and runs until October 5th. Students turn in orders to their directors on Oct 6th.

Student families pick up orders from the Village Green Center November 14-16th and deliver orders directly to customers.

This is the MPC ONLY fundraiser of the year, so it is very important that music students and their parents put forth their best effort to make the sale a success!

Click here for extra Order Forms and the MPC Wreath & Coffee Sale Brochure!

Proceeds are spent on enriching District 28’s excellent music program in ways such as:

• guest conductors & guest musicians

• concert tickets, post-concert treats & student parties

• uniforms & expenses

• in-house music enrichment programs

• professional music events & festival and contest entry fees

• music camp scholarships for students who sell a minimum of $200

Wreath & Coffee Sale - Product Descriptions:

Wisconsin Wreaths & Garlands:

Wreaths are available in four sizes 24”, 34”, 46”, and 60” decorated with pine cones and a red, moisture proof ribbon. Made by a boutique vendor with outstanding quality standards.

Garland is a heavy, 25-foot evergreen roping excellent for trimming doorways, walls and arches.


Medium Roast is full bodied complex bean from the Fondo Paez Cooperative in the Cordillera.

French Vanilla Kiss is breathlessly smooth blending of all-natural vanilla ?avor (really!) and soft Peruvian beans, 16 oz bag.

Swiss Water Decaf-Peru French Roast is a full bodied, but flavorful and aromatic coffee. The best tasting decaf in the world! 16 oz bag

Organic Hot Cocoa is supplied by a growers cooperative in Costa Rica. Guaranteed to be the best tasting organic hot cocoa mix available! 12 oz bag

See’s Candies:

See’s Assorted Gourmet Lollipops in assorted ?avors.

See’s Butterscotch & Chocolate Lollipops comes with eight butterscotch/chocolate ?avored lollipops individually wrapped for freshness and packaged in an attractive gift bag. A perfect gift!

See’s Chocolate Covered Peanut Brittle Bars are the perfect combination of See’s famous, old-fashioned, crunchy peanut brittle and rich, creamy milk chocolate. (Four bars)

To Order - Find a Orchestra or Band member 3rd grade to 8th grade.

Order or Questions? Contact Abe Reese or Josee Wilson 





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