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A general meeting of the PTO was held Wednesday, September 15, 2021.  It commences at 9:13 in the Cavallini multipurpose room.  The members of the Executive Board (hereinafter, the “Board”) was held on Wednesday, September 15, 2021.  It commenced at 9:50 a.m. in Cavallini multipurpose room.    

Angelica Degenaars, PTO CO-PRESIDENT,  explained and discussed the venue switch overs..  For years, Elmers tried for the PTO business, however, there were numerous reasons why our organization switched but a big contributing factor is that  NO FUSS wanted $700 a week for serving our children.  This was a major driving force to locate another vendor. Currently, Elmers is a simple menu to start but as we move forward with Elmers, the menu will add more.  At present, our school has 188 families ordering meals between Reynolds, Bogert, and Cavallini. 


Cavallini School: 

Mr. McCuster: Expressed his THANK YOU’S to the PTO for the 8th grade graduation ceremony that was held outdoors for the first time. The flowers, the balloons, and backdrop - the PTO transformed the stage to make a memorable ceremony for Cavallini’s 8th grade graduates.


Thank you to the parent LUNCH volunteers for making our lunch run smoothly.  


September 30 will be BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT.  We are asking one parent per session due to school safety measures.  Parents will visit their children's classroom and meet their teachers.   


COVID policies/measures are intact and running effectively.     


Bogert School

Mr. Kaplan:  Children are finally having lunch together and playing together for recess while following the proper COVID rules/polices. For PE classes, teachers are implementing recess games for children so they can familiarize themselves and have a sense of comfort with each other.   For those students who are new, this allows them to learn new games and apply them to recess.  


Mr. Kaplan addressed how a typical day at Bogert begins which at back to school night teachers will review daily schuele and expectations.  


Drop off procedures:  It is important to review morning drop off procedures with children.  Once the car is stopped, children must be prepared and exit the car carefully and quickly as fast as possible.  This will allow traffic to flow and move traffic along.  


Pick-up: once you see your child/children, please quickly return to the car  and proceed carefully from the parking lot.  


BACK TO SCHOOL is on September 23, at 7pmONE parent per session to reduce traffic flow due to COVID restrictions. 




Mrs. Severs: echoed from her peers by thanking the PTO for many of the wonderful donations and support-etc 2nd grade clap out and fundraising.  


She also thanked all volunteers for serving lunches.  The procedure on how lunch will be served are as follows: 4 classes in the gym and 2 classes will eat in their classrooms.  The PTO will also be bringing their lunches to children's classrooms to help avoid any accidents.  The On September, 23, will be REYNOLDS BACK TO SCHOOL at 7pm.  The same procedures are as both schools stated by Mr. Kaplan and Mr. McCuster to ensure the health and safety protocols.  


Our school is happy to announce launching NEW REPORT CARDS- on a trimester- aligned to narrowing in on where students are exceeding in and where more reinforcement is needed.  For example, in reading, there will be a section where there will be more specific areas such as decoding/inferencing.  This is one of many subcategories per subject contnet. 


Reynolds is also hoping to reintroduce FIELD TRIPS soon.  


Mrs. Severs also reinforced the importance of exiting their car quickly.  This will allow traffic to flow more effectively.  This will also defeat school delays.  


Reynolds VP, Jennifer Waldbaum explained that in the past the school hosted breakfast with the principal but due to COVID restrictions our school is implementing STORY TIME with Mrs. Severs.  She will read stories to students and will be an enjoyable way for children to engage with our principal.  


 Cavallini’s  VP Luz Terranova unfortunately was unable to complete welcome back chalk art for teachers and students due to the weather.  Balloons were also placed at entrance.  

Bogerts VP --  Leandra Galasso discussed the importance of seat sacks for children. They can be seen or purchased at BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT on September 23. Thank you to the volunteers for making the pizza/ deli team run smoothly.  

Class parents please stay after the meeting so Bogert VPS can discuss roles and answer any questions or concerns. Orders can be placed through the PTO website.  Seat sacks are still available and please sign up for membership

General information on how PTO uses funds

Angelica Degenaars provided feedback on what the PTO uses funds for: police security for all events, catered lunches for teacher appreciation day, fundraisers, night out, and a $500 to a senior graduating from high school.  These are a few highlights and examples of what the PTO provides for our schools. .    

Roughly about $20,000 per school is given to each school.  Funds are generated from lunches and from various fundraisers. 

Angelica also announced that there will be a vote by ballot on a proposed amendment of Article 6 Section D- Treasurer and audit of accounts at the end of treasurer’s term.  The proposed amendment was voted on and approved by majority vote by the USRPTO 2018-2020 Executive Board.  


10/6- Reynolds 


10/8 Cavallini


Dr. Siegel, superintendent, welcomed families back to a new school year and will treat our school as NORMAL as possible.  He thanked the PTO for their contiuned donation and all the goods that the PTO organization supplies. Tents were a major success and benefiting factor for learning and enjoyment.  This allowed students to get back to school and utilized tents for recess, mask breaks, and tents were also used for learning subject matter too. 

Dr. Siegel also will conduct superintendent forums.  The forums will communicate on a monthly basis throughout the school year.  The first forum will be September 27.  This forum will be reviewing keeping our schools moving forward throughout COVID-19.  He will also facilitate numerous zoom forum presentations and interactive Q& A sessions.  The first session will take place on Monday 27, 9-10 am and 8-9 pm.  He will briefly present our district goals for 2021-2022 and describe connections to our students and families.  


Class parents broke up to thor respected schools to review expectations and new protocols with schools VPS. 

Our GENERAL BOARD MEETING is set for Wednesday, October 20 , 2021 at 9:30am.

No further questions. Meeting adjourned by our President Angelica Degenaars at 9:52 am.