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Here are the meeting minutes from our first meeting on September 11, 2019:



A general meeting of the PTO was held on Wednesday, September, 11, 2019. It commences at 9:40a.m. in the Cavallini
Media Center.

Jennifer Fritz recorded the minutes as Secretary of the Executive Board.

Angelica Degenaars and Margie Apostolou served collectively as President of the Board and conducted and controlled
the aforesaid meeting.

Dr. Siegel: Good morning; new district goals to be approved 9/23; district planning process will begin soon; Big year
ahead; though exchange program: most parents don’t have a lot of input and we will pilot a program to help increase
parent involvement; what are parents hopes and goals – new tool will enable interaction.

Mr. McCusker: Welcome back; thank you to the PTO for the new lockers at Cavallini; it is a huge improvement; thank
you to the lunch volunteers; issues with lunch and traffic will get better as we get used to schedules; thank you for
school toolboxes as this helps the teachers get a seamless start Cavallini; improving parent communication; no more
progress reports for mid-term; information is on genesis; principal will send out email reminding parents to check up on
progress and teachers will communicate any major changes to parents; Oct 3 picture day and retake 11/12; 9/12 back to
school night; Washington DC trip -- thank you PTO for the panoramic photo of students and 2 t-shirts.

Mr. Kaplan: 9/26 back to school night; 9/27 enrichment letters; score reports coming home and will be mailed 9/23;
thank you PTO who partnered with Ed Foundation and Junior Women’s Club to bring yoga to the classrooms; school
goals- redoing report cards and departmentalizing some classes.
Mrs. Severs: Thank you PTO and parents for a smooth start; thank you for the pre-school playground; much
appreciated; 9/19 back to school night; Junior Womens Club adding new benches to Reynolds school playground
(Meteoric Meeting Station); Aimsweb-benchmarks students as to their progress and helps to customize instruction
happening now.

Fundraising: sign-ups are on the table; 10/18 trunk-or-treat meeting 9/13 at 9am; silent auction coming in November;
Ladies Night Out on January 30.
Lunch Program: thank you to all of the volunteers.
Monday: Pizza
Tuesday: Deli
Wednesday-Friday: No Fuss Lunch
This year we will have more chances to change our child’s lunch. Portal will open in the beginning of every odd month.

Reynolds: thanks deli and pizza lunch teams; 9/18 back to school night; K social had a great turnout with pizza and ice
pops; Reynolds t-shirts still available until day after back to school night; 10/14 picture day; preschool playground is

Bogert: 9/26 back to school night; seat sacks $15 each due 9/20; picture day10/2; red ribbon week 10/21 along with kids
heart challenge; thank you volunteers.

Cavallini: room parents and lunch duty please make sure that you sign up for PTO.
END: 10:55