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Bogert Pizza

Bogert Deli

Cavallini Pizza

Cavallini Deli

Reynolds Pizza

Reynolds Deli


















If you would like to order new Monday Pizza and/or Tuesday Deli/Pasta Lunch(es) for your child(ren) or change your existing order(s) for the remainder of the school year, please follow the instructions below.

Please note that your purchase and/or changes will be for the remainder of the academic year.


Monday Pizza Lunch

* Changes and new orders will start on Monday January 28, 2019

* Reynolds & Bogert pizza will be delivered from Phil's Pizza of Montvale

* Cavallini pizza will be delivered from Marc's Deli & Pizza of Park Ridge


Tuesday Deli & Pasta Lunch

* Changes and new orders will start on Tuesday January 22, 2019

* Sandwiches and salads will be delivered from Marc's Deli & Pizza of Park Ridge

* Pastas and chicken fingers will be delivered from Village Pizza & Pasta of Allendale


New This Year for Deli & Pizza Lunches

* We are offering chicken fingers (4) with chips and a choice of ketchup or honey mustard

* American Cheese will be served as a sandwich topping along with lettuce and tomatoes

* All students will receive a bottle of water with their lunches


I. For New Orders

  1. Upon logging in, select "To Do List" under the “Help” menu, update current grade and teacher information for your child(ren), and select “Save Students.”
    Also update your profile information if necessary, and select “Save.”

    1. You can find your child's teacher by logging into Genesis on the school website

    2. Cavallini students - Please use your child's academic support teacher as his/her homeroom teacher

  2. To place an order,

    1. Go to the "For Sale" drop-down menu,

    2. Choose your child’s school and make your lunch selection(s).

    3. Please enter the number "1" for your pizza and deli selections. 


II. To Add an Additional Slice of Pizza to an Existing Order

If you have already purchased pizza and would like to add an additional slice, please follow instructions in Section I above and select “Add 1 Additional Slice to an Existing Order” from the "For Sale" drop-down menu.



III. To Change an Existing Order

  1. All change requests must be emailed to

  2. In the subject line, please put your child's name

  3. In the body of the email, please provide the following information:

    1. Child's grade

    2. Child’s teacher

    3. Current lunch item

    4. New lunch item

      As a reminder, menu options for Tuesday’s Deli/Pasta lunch are:

      Sandwiches (ham, turkey, roast beef, grilled chicken, Italian combo, cheese only);

      Pastas (pasta with butter, pasta with sauce, pasta with sauce & meatball, mac & cheese);

      Salad with grilled chicken; and

      Chicken fingers (4 strips).

  4. You will receive an email by the weekend confirming your changes and detailing a price difference or refund, if any.


* Please note that the system will close at 11:59pm on Thursday, January 17 *

* All new orders and changes to existing orders made by Thursday January 17 will take effect on Monday January 28 for pizza lunches and Tuesday January 22 for deli lunches *


If you have website-related issues, please email

If you have questions about the PTO lunch programs, please email


FOOD ALLERGY WARNING: Please be advised that the cookies supplied by ShopRite on Pizza Mondays may not be made in an allergen-free facility and may contain the following ingredients: milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanut and/or tree nuts or other nut products.

No refunds for field trips or inclement weather.

3.9% processing fee is included on all orders


Thank you for supporting the USR PTO Lunch Program!






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