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Walden PTO Committees

5th Grade Mother/Daughter Event (Activities)
Chair:   Lori Schwartz

5th Grade Girls' moms cooridnate a one- night event for 5th grade mothers and daughters in the Spring. 

Artsonia (Enhancement)
Chair:   Open

This committee will coordinate a craft as well as process and distribute the orders.  All the work for this committee will take place in the spring.  Usually done with Mother’s Day in mind. This fundraiser generally occurs every other year.

Before School Care (Fundraising)
Chair:   Stephanie Blumberg

Committee coordinates the before school care program, which is offered to help working parents of Walden students. Drop-in students can also be accommodated. It provides a safe environment for children before school. Information is distributed to families in the fall. Chair works closely with the Before School Care teachers/staff.

Bells and Whistles Fundraising
Chair:   Helpdesk
Description:   This committee is responsible for tracking the sales of the Paperless PTO Bells and Whistles fundraising program.
Bingo Night (Activities)
Chair:   Gail Osterman, Ellen Razzoog, Dana Morris

This committee will organize a fun evening of bingo for Walden families.  They will coordinate all aspects of the evening including sales, publicity, games, prizes, food service, and volunteers.  The teacher raffle will also be included.

Book Fair (Fundraising)
Chair:   Lisa Shlifka, Julie Warhaftig, Alyse Katz, Shara McLennan, Erica Harris

This committee coordinates this ever-popular and super-successful fundraiser held at Walden during the fall or winter months. Books, offered through Scholastic Books, are featured during this multiday event.

Box Tops (Fundraising)
Chair:   Alison Lambert

The Box Tops fundraiser is a no-brainer as it allows parents to contribute to our school by buying products they normally purchase for their families. Simply watch for the Box Tops for Education labels on many name-brand grocery store products, cut out the label and send it to school. We earn money for every label collected.

Bricks (Fundraising)
Chair:   Vanessa Ladin

This committee coordinates the ordering of engraved bricks with an outside vendor.

Celebration Books (Communications)
Chair:   Heidi Brown

This committee works with the LMC director and obtains volunteers to assist the LMC staff. This committee also administers the “Celebration Books Program” in which families donate books to the LMC in honor of family and friends.

Cultural Arts/ The Kindness Connection (Enhancement)
Chair:   Hilary Meyers

The PTO sponsors enrichment programs/assemblies for the entire student body. These creative presentations are of an educational nature and are always very entertaining. This committee seeks out, researches and coordinates these programs.

Disability Awareness (Enhancement)
Chair:   Lori Levitt

This committee will introduce programming to increase diability awareness in our students.

Enrichment (Fundraising)
Chair:   Julie Calderon, Erika Harris

After School Enrichment classes are offered to all Walden students after school and at lunch for kindergartners and occasionally older students. Three sessions are held throughout the year and coordination of this program involves hiring teachers, seeking out programming, registering students and distributing information to families. 

Field Day (Enhancement)
Chair:   Laura Ward, Dana Emering, Lisa Shlifka, Julie Warhaftig, Julie Calderon

This committee and our gym teacher plan and promote a day of games and activities for our children to support fitness, cooperation, team spirit and school pride.

Fun Run (Fundraising)
Chair:   Jill Spiegel, Elise Levin, Jessica Aven, Emily Lusardi

Plan and execute Walden's annual Fun Run.

Green Committee (Enhancement)
Chair:   Jenny Stadelmann, Erin Kerpel, Amy Call

This committee will collaborate with the district to implement strategies for a more "green" conscious and environmentally friendly school.

Hospitality (Communications)
Chair:   Jill Rivkin, Susan Canole

This committee plans and organizes dinners for the staff at Open House, Conferences, and the Teacher/PTO Winter Holiday Luncheon. This committee will also provide treats for the faculty/staff from the PTO on predetermined special occasions.

Ice Cream Social (Activities)
Chair:   Janet Goss, Laura Nieder, Sara Wool

This school year kick off offers Walden families the opportunity to meet new classmates and friends.  They will coordinate ice cream, entertainment and volunteers (including 5th grade students) and handle the evening from start to finish. This comittee is generally comprised of fifth grade parents.

Kindergarten Get Together (Activities)
Chair:   Stephanie Blumberg, Jennifer O'Leary Hamilton

This committee helps the incoming Kindergarten parents make the transition to Walden a little easier. The committee works toward educating, introducing and explaining Walden and it’s happenings at a summer outing.

Mabel's Labels (Fundraising)
Chair:   Alissa Stolberg

This committee coordinates the ongoing sales of Mabel's Labels through our dedicated site with the company.

Magic Night

Magic Night

Membership (Communications)
Chair:   Alison McEvoy

This committee is responsible for overseeing the website, communications with families about PTO events and PTO blasts.

Movie Night (Activities)
Chair:   Jill Rivkin, Leslie Evans

This committee plans and executes a one-night event in the Wadlen Gym where families are invited to "picnic" and watch a family movie.

Music Show Cookies (Communications)
Chair:   Nikki Gagerman

This committee is responsible for supplying and distributing (or getting volunteers to distribute) treats/cookies in the MPR following evening performances such as music shows and other productions.

Music Show Raffle (Enhancement)
Chair:   Linsey Friedman

This committee coordinates a fun raffle for each of the respective grade level music shows.  Two families will win VIP parking and front row seats to view their child's performance.  

No Committee
Chair:   N/A

There is no specified committee for this event

Pancake Breakfast (Activities)
Chair:   Marcela De Leon Gatti, Amy Weber

Volunteers plan and provide an annual “early bird” pancake breakfast for Walden families with the help of teacher cooks and volunteers.

Philanthropy (Communications)
Chair:   Jodi Simon, Lynn Frank

Responsibilities include choosing and coordinating philanthropic activities in which the student body can participate. An example is collecting used backpacks and end of the year school supplies to give to a needy school.

Picture Day Supervisor (Communications)
Chair:   Covered by Room Parents/ Led by Room Parent Coordinator

A parent volunteer (Room Parent Coordinator will secure this volunteer) to assist at Walden on Picture Day.

Pumpkin Carving (Communications)
Chair:   Lisa Carl and Missy Feinberg

This committee is responsible for coordinating the annual faculty and staff pumpkin carving competition.

Room Parents (Communications)
Chair:   Stephanie Blumberg

This committee coordinates room parents for every classroom in the school.  Besides helping teachers, and planning holiday parties, room parents are also responsible for coordinating teacher gifts and the flowers for the music shows. The 5th grade room parents will also coordinate the 5th grade end-of-the-year party and picnic.

School Supplies (Enhancement)
Chair:   Alyse Katz, Lisa Daniel

These chairpersons provide a great service to the Walden School community by providing school supplies “in a box” delivered directly to your child on the first day of school.  Activities include supplying and collecting forms and payments at the close of each school year and coordinating delivery of supplies to students in their individual classrooms prior to the start of each school year.

Science Night (Activities)
Chair:   Amy Muscarella, Sabina Holzman, Liz Sjoblom

Science Night is an evening of fun "hands-on" science activities for Walden students along with a display of student created inventions called  "Invention Convention". The committee will decide and create (or gather) science activities for a variety of science stations to be set up in the MPR or gym the night of the event.

Six Hour Reading (Enhancement)
Chair:   Erin Braunstein

This program challenges students to do six hours of reading to earn free passes to Great America.  Chair coordinates the distribution and collection of applications and tickets.

Skate Night (Activities)
Chair:   Beth Arenberg, Judy Flater, Elise Levin

This committee will organize an evening skate night activity away from the school for Walden families in the fall.

Sweet Treats (Fundraising)
Chair:   Alex Bender, Kelly Jansen

This committee coordinates with vendors to pre-sell and distribute "Sweet Treats" during lunch throughout the year.  

Walden Wear (Fundraising)
Chair:   Melissa Berkowitz, Mandy Siegel

Before school begins, and throughout the year, this committee will decide on what clothing and other items to feature, show them at various school functions and coordinate sales and delivery of items to Walden Families.

Wildcat Lunch/ Volunteers (Fundraising)
Chair:   Melissa Hafner, Kim Blum

Lunches are brought in from local restaurants daily using Kiddos, a local lunch service provider. This committe handles all communciations with Kiddos and coordinates our daily volunteers who serve lunches to students. The PTO receives a portion of the cost per lunch.

Yearbook (Communications)
Chair:   Dawn Michalak, Heidi Brown

This committee works throughout the year to design the yearbook which will be sold and distributed at the end of the school year.