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Spring 2020

As of 3/11/2020 

Spring 2020



Spring 2020 Enrichment!
Registration begins Friday, March 13th and ends Tuesday, March 17th.
Please READ the packet!  All of the information below plus more is in the packet.  
*  There are some classes that do not allow adds or drops!  That means that once registration is over we are guaranteeing the Vendor that number of students. THERE WILL BE NO REFUND!!
*  There is a $25 fee for dropped classes!  
*  There is NO REFUND after you participate in the FIRST enrichment class!  The PTO guarantees a specific number of students to the vendor.  We are then responsible for paying that vendor the guaranteed amount.  
*  The PTO tries very hard to support local small businesses in the area.  Please understand our policiies are to help provide the best possible classes for your children while being sensitive to the needs of our local small businesses. 
*  The Spring 2020 Session runs from March 30th through May 29th.  
If you need assistance with registation please email