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REMINDER: The circular driveway in front of the main entrance of the school is for drop and drive only. If you prefer to walk your students to the door, please park in the lot at the rear of the school.
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since 10/23/2008

Lincoln PTO Committees

Chair:   Joan Duffy

This committee is responsible for managing our school spirit wear program.

Bells and Whistles Fundraising
Chair:   Helpdesk
Description:   This committee is responsible for tracking the sales of the Paperless PTO Bells and Whistles fundraising program.
Book Fair
Chair:   Joanna Bryant

Responsible for organizing the annual Spring Book Fair.

Curriculum Enhancement
Chair:   Shari Stone
Description:   This committee helps select educational programs to be brought into our schools for the benefit of our students. Volunteers are needed to assist in planning PTA-funded assemblies, author visits and workshops. Investigate and evaluate new alternatives for programs that fit within our budget and enhance our curriculum.
Directory App Committee
Chair:   Paperless PTO Helpdesk
Description:   This committee is used for the directory app
Economy Shop
Chair:   Kathy Crowley

This consignment shop is jointly run by all of the PTO’s in town and generates thousands of dollars each year for our schools. We receive our share of the profits only if we fill a required number of shifts. Volunteers are needed one hour per month on Mondays to help with the bookkeeping and markdowns, and on Tuesdays-Fridays and the first Saturday of the month for the regular selling shifts of only 2-3 hours per month. Training and opening dates for Economy Shop will be announced. Please consider getting involved at the Economy Shop, our community and school are depending on you! You may click on one or more shifts below. The appropriate chairperson for final scheduling will contact you.

Hospitality Committee
Chair:   Dawn Vargus
Description:   Help support your PTA executive board by assisting with set up at luncheons, teas, and meetings throughout the year at both schools.
Include Move
Chair:   Michael Kerin

This is to test the move of linking students from the committee to the item

Library Aides
Chair:   Lisa King
Description:   Help support your children's library and volunteer to sort, organize, and put away books during the school day. All shifts are needed.
Library Volunteers
Chair:   Robin and Dawn

work in the library when your student visits

Lunch with your Child
Chair:   Tom Kruse
Chair:   Jen Townsend

This committee will be responsible for serving lunches to all grades on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

PTA Directory
Chair:   Regina Carter
Description:   This committee overseas the purchasing and distribution of our annual directory book.
Roles Committee
Chair:   none
Description:   this is to test the committee roles function
School Toolboxes
Chair:   Barbara Osmond
Description:   This committee will run the sales and purchasing of the school suppy toolboxes for each grade.
Title Committe
Chair:   none
Description:   this is the title committee for testing
Track Planning Committee
Chair:   Linda Smith

Help plan for our new school track.  Please contact Linda to help.

Web Advertising/Sponsorship Committee
Chair:   Mary Phillips
Description:   This committee is responsible for recruiting parties interested in advertising or sponsoring on our website.
Chair:   Jenny Parker

This committee maintains the website and all technlogy related issues.


We are still in need of volunteers for several committees. You may easily volunteer when you login to your account above.