TD Affinity Program

The Montvale Educational Foundation would like to express our thanks to the Montvale School community for participating in the TD Bank Affinity Program.  As a result of your participation, TD Bank has awarded over $95,000 to the Montvale schools since 2008.

Participation in this program is simple, confidential, and without cost to you! Just visit your local TD Bank Branch and ask to have your accounts LINKED to the Montvale Educational Foundation Affinity Program.

  • Already have accounts at TD Bank? Please make sure each account is LINKED to the MEF
  • Business accounts are welcome
  • Friends and family can LINK their accounts for the MEF too

It's easy and it's probably the only fundraiser where you don't have to spend your money and you make money too!

Let TD Bank Donate for you!


Thank you for your continued support,

Danielle Kass

MEF President


Susan Romei

TD Bank Event Coordinator