Website Builder

Paperless PTO provides robust websites that have every feature a PTO, PTA or school parent teacher organization needs to efficiently conduct their day to day activities. The days of using pen and paper to run the organization are long behind us. Your Paperless PTO website will reduce the amount of time it takes to conduct all activities. It will also increase the amount of participation from your families.
Mobile App

Our School Directory App is a tool that all of your families will benefit from since it includes many features that are built around your school directory. Lists of families, students, teachers, staff, classrooms, grades and various combinations of each can easily be viewed. While anyone from your school will be able to call, text, email and contact others in your directory, they will also be able to create their own contact groups and synchronize those contacts to all of their own devices
Fundraising Features

The fundraising features of our program cannot be found anywhere else. You will find your parents using the School Directory App and website several times each week. We have a unique blend of features that will create an interactive experience for parents, students, teachers and staff. Parents will be motivated, students will be challenged, teachers will contribute and staff will want to participate.