Paperless PTO is a unique program that benefits parent teacher groups in the US.  Since 2007 we have been building e-Commerce websites and mobile apps for schools.  When your school or parent teacher group subscribes to our program, you will be given a website and mobile app that includes:

  • a shopping cart
  • numerous directories in pdf format and in the mobile app
  • parent volunteering from your website and also from your app
  • an online calendar
  • a library to upload documents to
  • an email blast
  • a text blast
  • the ability to send alerts and push notices
  • synchronization of contacts and calendar events to mobile devices
  • selling advertising space to local merchants
  • numerous reports to track shopping cart activity
  • the ability to sell lunches in the shopping cart
  • so much more that it would likely take several hours to talk about each feature

Probably the most important benefits you will receive include: