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since 12/09/2008

Paperless PTO is a unique program that benefits parent teacher groups in the US.  Since 2007 we have been building e-Commerce websites and mobile apps for schools that are also effective fundraisers.  The websites and mobile apps we build are loaded with features that make running your school parent teacher group much easier for your workers and volunteers.

Website Builder

The website you receive is loaded with every online feature you expect to have.  The most popular features are the shopping cart, directory, volunteering, alerts, fundraising, email blast, calendar, advertising and much more. The website builder has evolved from requests we have received over the years from the parents that we support. If there is a feature you are looking for, we probably already have it. And if we don’t, we will certainly put it together for you. Read more…

Mobile App

The app you receive is a mobile extension of the website and is completely integrated with your website.  This means that any information that is updated on the app is immediately visible on the website and vice versa. The app gives your parents on the go access to all of your school activities. It is a must have tool for any school parent teacher group. If you need to get information out to your parents quickly, the best way is to put it in their hands since that is where their smart phones always are. Read more…

Amazing Fundraising Feature

The greatest benefit of our program is the one of a kind fundraising feature that comes with both the website and the app that you receive.  It will challenge parents, it will challenge teachers and more importantly, it will challenge students.   It is a feature that is fun, fosters creativity, stimulates learning and brings your entire school community together.  Read more…

Discounts Are Abundant When You

  • Subscribe between January and June
  • Have multiple organizations in the same district
  • Refer other schools to our program

Fundraising Is Really Easy

Be sure to ask about our Bells and Whistles Fundraising Program.  It is built into the website you receive and it is also built into the mobile app you receive.  Your school will easily raise funds with this program and your workers and volunteers will not have to do anything. We run the program while your students, parents, teachers and staff simply enjoy it.

Learn More

There are so many features to our program that we can spend 10 hours discussing it and still not cover everything.  Your school may not need all of the features but you certainly will benefit from many of them.  Give us a call or reach out to us to see if it is s a good fit for your school.  We were one of the first providers in this industry and have built our program from the needs of our customers.  In all likelihood we have what you are looking for. If your school has a need that our program does not have, we will add it.  If it benefits you it will benefit us.

Car Wash
Tue, Nov 30, 2021

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Fri, Dec 31, 2021
Start: 12:00 PM
Home Office

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